"It's not at all easy to build a motorcycle, and definitely not a custom one. So then why make such a bike? why spend so much? why wait for so long to get your bike? and what about the people who do it, why do they do it?
You want to know right? Buckle up for the ride of your life. 'SOULMOVERS' is a documentary on custom motorcycles and the people behind making such unique machines."

As this was the first documentary I ever made, I had no idea how to go about editing it. So I made 5 cuts and finalized 2 in the end, one being an Informative Edit and the other one being a Musical Edit. Both of the edits got a good response from whoever I showed it to although no one could decide which one was better. The most common response I got was that the Informative Edit works more as a documentary while the Musical Edit is more entertaining. So as both of them work well as a separate video I decided to keep them both. Have a look yourself and see if you can decide which one is better?
Informative Edit
Musical Edit
Writer, Director, DP and Editor - Siddharth Kapoor
Crew - Ankit Pisal, Rajiv Abraham, Alex Babu, Ranjith Krishnan Acharya
Music - Sirius Beat - As you were
Special Thanks - Vishnu Pratap, Suyash Kalbhor, Waheed Shaikh, Anupam Singh Parihar, Anupriy Ranjan, Rudra Bahirat, Indrajit Neogi, Nimish Gour


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