The First // 19.08.10

This is one of the First Photographs I made when I shifted to my First House in Mumbai using my First ever actual Camera.
Trapped. // 19.08.10

I was trapped. Trapped in my own thoughts. Thoughts of reaching the same heights. But what did I know? I was trapped.
The Room Tone // 19.08.10

My room and my workspace during my first year in Mumbai.
The Mario on my Desk // 19.08.12

During my work trip to Seoul, South Korea in 2018, I came across this figurine of Mario in a small souvenir store. When enquired it turned out to be such a great deal for the quality that I had to buy it in an instant before any of my colleagues saw it. It was the only piece there and I still have it on my desk. I definitely felt like I came across a treasure that day.
The Sign of Life. // 19.08.15

Life always finds a way.
Self Expression. // 19.08.15

Once you take a peek, there's no turning back
Tradition // 19.08.15

When there's a camera in your hands and a mirror in front of you, the urge to capture is alluring.
The White Hunter // 19.08.12

This one is another piece of treasure I found in a small souvenir store during my work trip to Seoul, South Korea in 2018. This is 'Smoker', a character from the anime 'One Piece'. I found this mini figurine right beside the Mario figurine I found earlier. It was a lucky day indeed.
The Milkshake Addict // 19.08.13

This photo is from a phase in my life when I was consuming a ton of milkshakes. It was so much that not only did the glass bottles in which the milkshake was served replaced all my bottles at home but also started occupying an additional rack in my kitchen because I didn't want to throw them away.
Nothing is True // 19.08.20
Roast // 19.08.20
Grunge // 19.08.20


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