Peach Human Shelters. // 19.11.10

This picture depicts the Mundane yet beautiful world around us. It doesn't always have to be unique and different, sometimes the usual is the most comfortable.
Tone-Play. // 19.11.06​​​​​​​
Fly away. // 19.11.06
From the Archives. // 19.11.06
Acros Breeze. // 19.11.09
The Night Walks of Versova, Mumbai. // 19.11.09

Every night, while I was staying in Versova, Mumbai, I used to look outside my window for sometime. I enjoyed sitting calmly and observing these orange-lit streets. Watching people roam without a worry in the world, strolling probably after a delicious meal they just had. The cool breeze paired with the rustling of the trees reminds me of the late night drives I used to go on with my family.
The Simulated Celebration at Versova, Mumbai. // 19.11.09

That evening I remember hearing a sudden loud voice of a person testing the mic. I decided to take a peek outside my window when I saw this very interesting frame in front of me. The setting up of a celebration in contrast with the tall dark buildings far away in the background gives a sense of control and makes it look like the celebration being simulated for a greater purpose.
Midnight Meetings at Versova, Mumbai. // 19.11.09

I captured this once again from the window of my room when I observed a meeting at the midnight hours.
The Dream City Never Falls Asleep. // 19.11.02

After moving to Mumbai, India for a couple of years now, I've come to love this feeling that there's always someone awake. Be it 4 am after your overnight work hours or be it your 'late night staring out of window' time. You'll always feel at home seeing that there are many others pushing as much as you and we are all in this together.
The Many Moods of Blue Midnight. // 19.11.09

These photos depicts the various moods of the urban Mumbai during the midnight hour. Walking under the orange street lamps while observing the blue midnight city around is like an antidote to the chaotic poison served to us all day.


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