In misty Rudrakund, the brutal murder of a school student pushes troubled teacher Jayant Parekh and cop Ratna Sankhawar to unravel a web of sinister secrets involving rave parties, cold cases, a demon in the woods and a hallucinogen, Candy.

In September 2021, I got an opportunity to collaborate with Jishnu Chatterjee and Blink Studios as an Editor for the Title Sequence of a Voot Select series called Candy. The idea for this edit was to be able to depict the dark and ominous theme of the show in a small montage sequence. Staying true to the source material was very important as we wanted to create something which keeps revealing itself as you watch it before every new episode. At the end the whole sequence should be able to give enough idea about the show without spoiling it for the viewers and still create enough curiosity amongst them to continue watching.

Creative Director: Jishnu Chatterjee
Creative Producer: Harsh Patel
Editor: Siddharth Kapoor

CG Lead: Harsh Patel & Ankit Patwa
CG Team: Ankit Patwa, Ashish Bisht, Dennis Thachireth, Harsh Jadav, Joshua Desai, Jay Rajput, Subhanshu Gajbhiye
Lead Compositor: Ankit Patwa
Additional Compositors: Harsh Jadav & Dennis Thachireth

Visual Treatment: Jishnu Chatterjee
Storyboard Artist: Arkaprabha Dey
CG Consultant: Devanshu Tak
3D Modellers: Siddharth KumarShauryavir Singh


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