During my time at MIT Institute of Design, I got to work on a video for the Final Year Product Design Students. They were working on a project on Kinematics.

They created a very beautiful and well practiced performance using some standing fans, some cloth, balloons and some great coordination. It was mesmerizing to watch and I was asked to shoot and make an edit out of it.

Editing it was challenging as they wanted a mix of the performance and the behind scenes. I think it worked out pretty well in the end.

Inspired by the works of: Daniel Wurtzel
Team Members: Rasi Surana, Hector Mireles, Reuben Joshua, Tanuj Abraham, Yohan Chacko
Mentors: Prof. Hari Kara, Prof. Manasi Kanetkar, Prof. Samson Mathai
Documented by: Siddharth Kapoor, Udit Bhaskar, Sagar Singh, Sushant Karande
Edited by: Siddharth Kapoor
Fan Contributors: Shreya Sood, Prof, Binoj John, Prof. Chandan Bhattacharya, Dr. Yugendra Gupta, Ganesh Bhaiya, Sanjay Bhaiya
Electrical and Hardware Assistance: Avinash Sir, Bhanghar Sir, Sahib Rao Bhaiya, Reshma Pore
UV Light Contributors: Prof. Donshong Koren, Vishnu Pratap
Special Thanks: Prof. Dhimant Panchal, Dr. Wricha Mishra, Prof. Maithilee Wala, Prof. Indrajit Neogi, Medha Kaku, Anjana Narayan, Devashree Marathe
Music by: John Powell


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