"An ancient pocket watch holds the secret to a safe. A rich businessman faces a conflict when the pocket watch goes missing and lands up in the hands of skilled robbers. The PURSUIT is on!"​​​​​​​

This was the first proper Fiction Short Film I directed during my filmmaking course at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. It was an intense experience shooting this film in 3 days with multiple locations around Pune and being on time as well. Although I was very nervous during my first shoot it went quiet well and I ended up with pretty good footage to work with in post.

During editing, the VFX elements were the biggest challenge to pull off. Also the double role had to look convincing otherwise it will break the flow of the film. Then the music and sound design had to be done very carefully in order to give that suspense and thriller mood to it. As Post Production is my Forte, I focused on those elements and gave the film enough time to produce a satisfying end result.
Written Edited and Directed By - Siddharth Kapoor
Director of Photography - Udit Bhasker
Camera - Akshita Wadhwana
Sound - Anandita Palsule
Lead Actor - Trishant Shetty
Supporting Actors - Arathi Nair, Dilpreet Singh Rihal
Art Directors - Rishav Bisht, Tanvi Kulkarni
Stunt Double - Rishmit Puri
Locations - MIT Institute of Design, FC Road - Rudra Bahirat, Nigdi - Tanvi Jain
Props - Rohan Sachdeva, Trishant Shetty, Rishav Bisht, Tanvi Jain, Rishmit Puri, Dhruv Anand, Dilpreet Singh Rihal, Rudra Bahirat, Akshita Wadhwana, Tanvi Kulkarni, Udit Bhasker
Faculty Guide - Indrajit Neogi, Paresh Naik
Produced By - mindmakermovies, MIT Institute of Design


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