Being a part of this Film was one of the best film-making experiences I've ever had in my life. All of the team discussing together a story and making a complete Film in 50 hours is something I never thought I could successfully achieve. Although we were delayed by an hour while submitting because of some technical difficulties, but leaving that aside when we completed and watched the Film, the experience I had was something I have no words to describe with. We were in such a rush that even as the Editor of the Film I couldn't watch it completely even once before we were done editing it. It was a very surreal experience to see so many unplanned things fall correctly in place when we watched it together for the first time.

The theme of the competition was "Everything is connected"

Actors: Aravind M Gopal - X, Kanak Chaudhary - Y
Written and Directed by: Sachit Karthikeyan
Assistant Directors: Roshan Siraj, Mukund Krishnan
Cinematography: Roshan Siraj, Akash Krishna
Editor: Siddharth Kapoor
Sound Design: Siddharth Kapoor, Mukund Krishnan
Instruments: Roshan Siraj, Rishy Date
Screenplay: Sachit Karthikeyan, Roshan Siraj, Mukund Krishnan
Title Cards: Akilan Nagrajan
Crew: Rajiv Abraham, Drona Antony, Madhav Kapoor, Alex Babu, Abhijith Asokan, Dinesh Akhade
In 2018, the film got nominated for the Best Editing Award category for Flicks Fiesta 2018, Georgetown, Penang


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