Got an amazing opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea in 2018 with a team of 2 editors and 2 cinematographers while I was working with NJM Productions, Bangalore for covering LFC World Seoul 2018. We shot and edited multiple short promotional films in a matter of few hours each to be displayed live at the event from 12th - 16th September 2018.
This Means More: For the Love of Liverpool
This 1 minute teaser for LFC World is a fan's experience when preparing to watch her favorite team, Liverpool FC, on their tour in Seoul.
Five a side : LFC World Seoul
A mini game with the LFC legend players and memories of the K league players!
Cultural Visit Korea: LFC World Seoul
Visit for the LFC legends to experience the Korean culture and traditions.
Soccer Clinic with the LFC Legends
Liverpool legends had a great time with the young kids in Korea
Bringing Anfield Home
The LFC legend will let you know the meaning of the LFC World!
A chance to feel Liverpool FC in Seoul even if you don't want to go to the field!
Match Viewing Party - LFC World Seoul 2018
LFC World in Seoul 2018 | Wrap-up Film


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